My Resumé

Career Artist and Scholar

Assistant Art Director, MSW Advertising: NY, NY

Staff Artist, Best Western Hotels: Phx, AZ

Production Manager, Mullen Advertising: Phx, AZ

Graphic Designer, Samaritan Health Services: Phx, AZ

Director of Design, Samaritan Hospitals: Phx, AZ

Designer, Regency Marketing/Graphics To Go: Scottsdale, AZ

MA/Art History, Italian Renaissance: Arizona State University

Summa Cum Laude 

BA Illustration and Advertising Design

and BS Photography: Cum Laude, Syracuse University

Awards and Certifications

Phi Kappa Phi: Arizona State University

Rabiner Scholarship for Italian Studies: ASU

Prizm Award for Set Design: Fountain Hills Theater

Zoni Nomination: The Secret Garden: Fountain Hills Theater

Zoni Nomination: King Levine: AZ Jewish Theater

Young Career Woman: AZ BPW

Emetitus Board of Directors, Fountain Hills Theater

Board of Directors, AZ BPW

Certified Scenic Art Instructor

Certified Substitute and Subject Area Instructor